Digital signal processing is one of the most powerful technologies that is shaping science and engineering in the twenty-first century. Revolutionary changes have already been made in a broad range of fields like communications, medical imaging, radar and sonar, high fidelity music reproduction and oil prospecting. Each of these areas has developed its own intricate signal processing technology with its own suite of algorithms and specialized techniques.

Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are microprocessors with a specialized architecture that is optimized for digital signal processing applications. Today DSPs are found in wide variey of devices, from cellular phones to audio/video players, TV sets, telecom equipment, medical equipments etc. They have become faster and better year after year, and the growth continues. Analog Devices is a leading inovator in the DSP technology and is the fastest growing DSP supplier. Analog Devices offers a wide variety of DSPs. The ADI-DSP Learning Centre laboratory work station are based on Blackfin BF537. Blackfin BF537 is a 16 bit, 756 MHz DSP Processor
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